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Caravan in the Desert


Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

 At A-Z, our customers are our #1 asset!  We love what we do, and it shows.  From our fleet of RV emblazoned service trucks to our professional, friendly service technicians, our company was designed with you- the customer- in mind.  Our priority is making sure that your needs are met with the utmost care.  We understand the investment you have made in your RV, so choose the repair facility that cares about your RV as much as you do.

24x Hour Emergency Line --913-893-6949

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Our rate structure is simple.  We charge by the working hour- meaning that you only pay for the time the technician is working on your vehicle.  Most dealerships use a "flat rate" schedule.  This means that they charge a set rate, say 4 hours, even if the job only takes 2.  We feel that you should only be charged for the actual time it takes to complete the job.  Our rates are as follows:


* $95 service call  (this gets the technician to your location)

* $140 per hour- with a one hour minimum  (additional time is charged by the quarter-hour)


That's it!  With hourly dealership labor rates skyrocketing to $190 per hour or more,  the savings add up fast.  What's more, your RV is never out of your hands, you are able to watch, ask questions, and make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction.  Save yourself the time, expense, and hassle of all those runs to the dealership- call A-Z today!

Service: Homepage_about


*Winegard Satellites


*Blue Ox Towing Systems


*Roadmaster Tow Bars


*Demco Towing Products


*M&G Braking



*RVI Braking Systems


*Remco Towing Products


*Suburban Water Heaters and Furnaces


*Atwood Water Heaters


*Hydroflame furnaces


*Norcold and Dometic Refrigerators


*Coleman and Duo-Therm Air Conditioners


*You Name It!  If You Need It, We Can Get It- And Usually For Less Than The Competition!

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Service: Homepage_about
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